Did You Know…?

 Colocasia Esculenta

Taro is the mother plant of Hawaiian culture – not just the “daily bread” of nourishment but also the abiding symbol of social harmony. The plant is cultivated throughout the Pacific and Southeast Asia, but nowhere with the industry and ingenuity of the ancient Hawaiians.

Taro is a marsh plant, so the Hawaiians excelled in the construction of waterworks and clever flowing ponds (called lo’i) in which the farmers waded. They developed three hundred varieties of taro, some adapted to dry land conditions. Their folklore describes taro as the older sibling of the human race, and people saw the growth habit of taro-in expanding clusters of offshoots called ‘oha-as a perfect metaphor for a well-run family, or ‘ohana.

All parts of the plant are eaten, from the starchy corm (root) to the spinach-like leaves. Uncooked, the plant is acrid because its flesh is full of sharp crystals of calcium oxalate. Cooking eliminates their bite. Once cooked, the corm is generally pounded to make poi, an excellent carbohydrate food. The cooked greens, called lu’au, are a nutritious source of minerals and vitamins A, B and C.

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