Visit Our Maze For All Ages…

Childrens MazeAdjacent to the Rainbow Walk is our Maze For All Ages, the world’s second largest permanently planted maze. Covering an area more than the size of a football field, it consists of thousands of mock orange bushes planted in a regular array of hedge work.

With lots of false turns and only one correct path, this maze is fun for young and old alike. The hedge is kept to a height of five feet, so as to allow adults to see over the hedges if necessary, but still allow everyone to wander the paths to find their way to the only correct exit.

Experience all the fun at Botanical World…

Botanical World Adventures                                           Gardens, Waterfalls & Maze

31-240 Old Mamalahoa Highway                                     Open Daily – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Hakalau, Hawaii 96710                                                      Have you visited us in the Past?

Mile Marker 16 on Highway 19                                         Why not Write a review


For 24/7 Online Reservations Book your tour HERE or call:

808-963-5427 or Toll Free: 888-947-4753




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