Our Departure from Kairua and a Description of our Guide…

About eleven o’clock in the forenoon, on the 18th, we waited on the governor to express our grateful sense of the generous hospitality we had experienced from him, during our protracted stay at Kairua. We also thanked him for the friendly advice he had given, and the acceptable aid he had so kindly furnished for the prosecution of our journey, and informed him that we were ready to proceed. He had before given instructions to our guide. He now directed the man who was going in the canoe, to take care of our things, and told us he would send some men to carry our baggage by land, as far as Kearake’kua. We then took leave of him, and proceeded on our journey. Messrs. Bishop and Harwood went in the canoe, the rest of our number travelled on foot.

Our guide, Makoa, who had been the king’s messenger many years, and was well acquainted with the island, led the way. He was rather a singular looking little man, between forty and fifty years of age. A thick tuft of jet black curling hair shaded his wrinkled forehead, and a long bunch of the same kind hung down behind each of his ears. The rest of his head was cropped as short as shears could make it. His small black eyes were ornamented with tataued Vandyke semicircles. Two goats, impressed in the same indelible manner, stood rampant over each of his brows; one, like the supporter of a coat of arms, was fixed on each side of his nose, and two more guarded the corners of his mouth. The upper part of his beard was shaven close; but that which grew under his chin, was drawn together, braided for an inch or two, and then tied in a knot, while the extremities below the knot spread out in curls like a tassel. A light kihei, (cloth worn like a shawl,) was carelessly thrown over one shoulder, and tied in a knot on the other; and a large fan, made of cocoa-nut leaf, in his hand, served to beat away the flies, or the boys, when either became too numerous or troublesome.  (Ellis)

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 (These are excerpts from a book by William Ellis that has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.)


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