Experience Kailua Kona Hawaii on a Segway PT…

Going thru Kailua Kona on a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is such a cool experience. When you’re on a Segway PT you know you are having fun because of the Segway Smile, and when you glide thru the town — it just doesn’t get any better! 

Kona Intro Tour

This tour is the first time Segwaynian. The tour offer instruction and a short ride down the path of kings, Alii drive. A perfect way to be introduced to the Segway P/T Cruiser.  This tour is 30 Mins. 

Old Kona Town Tour

The Old Kona Town Tour is the perfect way to see Kona town and learn some fun fact and history while gliding along on your Segway Personal Transporter. The tour starts at the historical Kona Inn and continues downs Alii drive, gliding by Hulihe’e  Palace, Moku’aikaua Church and Ahu’ena  Heiau, the residents of Kamehameha I. until his death in 1819. The tour continues down Alii Drive to St. Michael Church, Waiaha Beach Park (Honis) and back to The Kona Inn. This tour is 1 hour. 

Historical Kona Town Tour

The Kona Historical Tour offers the beginner and novice alike a chance to glide threw Kona experiencing the history and the mana  that made  Old Kona Town. The tour starts at The Kona Inn and glides down  Alii drive to Hulihe’e Palace , Moku’aikaua Church, Kamakahonu , White Sands Beach, and Ku’emanu Heiau, which was dedicated to the sport of surfing. Visit ancient stone walls erected  by ancient residents of Hawaii who were known for their overnight feats of architectural  engineering called  Menehunes. As we glide down Kona coast line, you  will have a chance to take in the breath taking vistas that make Hawaii’s beaches world famous.  This tour is 2 hours.

Botanical World Adventures                          Gardens, Waterfalls & Maze

31-240 Old Mamalahoa Highway                    Open Daily – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Hakalau, Hawaii 96710                                    Have you visited us in the Past?

Mile Marker 16 on Highway 19                       Why not Write a review


For 24/7 Online Reservations Book your tour HERE or call:

808-963-5427 or Toll Free: 888-947-4753


Visit BotanicalWorld.com



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