Did You Know…?

Certostachys renda

Is a beautiful clumping palm named for the color of the leaf bases that hide the green upper trunk which are similar in color to sealing wax. Another common name for the plant is the Lipstick Palm. Many palm enthusiasts consider this palm to be the most beautiful palm there is.

When the leaves fall off the trunk, they expose another segment (internode) of smooth, emerald green stem, which contrasts strikingly with the bright red of the adjacent red leaf base.

This palm is from the swampy lowlands of South East Asia. It will not tolerate temperatures below 50 degrees.

Because of its beauty and relative scarcity, it is highly sought after as a landscape plant in our area, and it is rather expensive, with a specimen as large as ours here fetching a price of several thousand dollars.

If you look up into the foliage of the taller shoots, you might see one or more slender branched inflorescences emerging from the trunk near the base of the lowest leaf on the stem.

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