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Across from the Rainbow Walk is the Arboretum. This section is bordered by a twin row of gigantic “Cook Island Pines”, so named for the islands discovered on Captain Cook’s voyages. a driveway lined with majestic Royal Palms and the Hanapueo Stream. It covers several acres and includes large numbers of specimens, especially trees that produce flowers, fruits and nuts. These include abiu, several species of bananas, Brazilian cherries, breadfruit, cashew, cinnamon, citrus, jack fruit, longan, lychee, macadamia, miracle fruit, ohia, palms of many types, papaya, paradise nuts, and sapote to name just a few.

Bird of paradise, bougainvillea, gingers, heliconias, hibiscus, orchids, plumeria and many other plants bloom throughout the arboretum.

Large areas of grass and hand-decorated tables set in amongst the trees allow you to relax and enjoy views of the gardens or the ocean while eating your picnic lunch or just relaxing on the greensward. During the winter, you can watch humpback whales playing in the ocean while you enjoy your picnic. 

Experience all the beauty of the Big Island at Botanical World…

Botanical World Adventures                          Gardens, Waterfalls & Maze

31-240 Old Mamalahoa Highway                    Open Daily – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Hakalau, Hawaii 96710                                    Have you visited us in the Past?

Mile Marker 16 on Highway 19                       Why not Write a review


For 24/7 Online Reservations Book your tour HERE or call:

808-963-5427 or Toll Free: 888-947-4753


Visit BotanicalWorld.com



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